Soompi Website Redesign



Soompi is a global K-Pop fan network which provides the latest in K-Pop news and media content. While working for Enswer, I was a part of the Soompi team as their sole designer and was tasked with redesigning their previous site into the major news platform that it is today.

Our goal was to move Soompi into a direction that would provide multiple verticals centered around all aspects of Korean Pop culture including: K-Pop, Fashion, Beauty, and Korean Culture. Because Soompi has a lengthy history in the K-Pop fan world, I had to be sure to design a site that would not only engage new fans but one that wouldn't completely alienate the already well established community. To achieve this, I chose to give Soompi a much more modern and fresh look by creating multiple modules that would act as live news tickers, top chart listings, and live comments.