Hiya! I’m Ash.
Thanks for stopping by!

Nice to meet you! I’m a creative fellow currently residing in “sometimes sunny but mostly foggy” San Francisco. In my professional career I’ve had the opportunity work within a variety of different industries. While in NYC, I was a part of a small but steadily growing interactive agency called Situation Interactive where I focused on digital advertising, web design, and social media campaigns for live entertainment (Hello Broadway!). From there I made my way across the world to Seoul, South Korea and was a part of several different start-ups focusing on branding and UI design. I also had the chance to work with several different K-Pop artists and brought industry news to fans all over the globe. Currently I work at Postman, where I focus on bringing the Postman brand to the forefront of the industry and into the lives of anyone and everyone working with APIs. 

In my day-to-day life, I enjoy making terrible puns to crack a smile, walking/pulling my little pup Calvin, exploring every corner of the world when funds allow, drawing some fun illustrations, and engaging my inner nerd through a deep collection of graphic novels, anime, and the occasional video game (Currently loving Overwatch!).