Various Logos



Popcycle is a cycling gym brand concept that was being developed in Hong Kong. The name represents a combination between Asian Pop Music, with it's upbeat tempo and overly candy-like melodies, and the fast-paced cardio workout from cycling. Pop + Cycle = Popcycle, pronounced like popsicle. Below are the concepts the client went with along with a few concepts I liked as well.

Client's Choice

Alternate Concept - Popsicle

Alternate Concept - Swirl

Alternate Concept - Swirl

Alternate Concept - Lollipop


Bibbr is a concept for a friend's web platform to connect marathon runners. With each race, every participant is given a bib to pin to their shirt which will tell what their number for the race is. Many runners collect their bibs in order to not only remember the experience but share their completed personal victories. Because of this, I naturally chose to frame the logo design to represent the spirit of the application.

Official Logo Variants

Muhan Crossfit

Goeun Noh, a leading Crossfit trainer in Seoul, South Korea came to me to create a logo identity for her new Crossfit gym. Muhan (무한) means "limitless" in Korean, a term that conveys how there is no end to your physical capabilities or how long you need to train. 

Alternate Variants

Alternate Concepts